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 All birds are sexed to be pullets (girls) unless noted otherwise. 
   Breeds that are Straight Run (not sexed) are marked with **
            Hatchery guarantees 90% accuracy on sexing. 
            All chicks vaccinated against Marek's disease. 
            Ducks, turkeys and broilers are not vaccinated.

July 12   Ameracauna
              Black Australorp
              Barred Rock
July 19     Red Sex Link
               Olive Egger
               Buff Orpington
              Copper Maran

July 26   Production Red
              Lavender Orpington**

Aug 2      Black Sex Link
              Speckled Sussex
              Giant Cochin - Assorted

     Welbar - Welsummer/Barred Rock Cross
     Production Blue - Production Red & Blue Australorp cross
     Maran Sex Links - Copper Maran & Cuckoo Maran Cross


           We have all of the supplies you will need to care for
               your flock, no matter how old they are! 

                     * Grit, Oyster Shell & Treats
                     * Waterers & Feeders
                     * A wide selection of Poultry Feeds
                          including Organic Feed
                     * Bedding & Nesting Boxes
                     * Books for kids & adults
                     * Chicken Wire (Poultry Netting)                  
                     * Brooder Reflectors & Heat Lamp Bulbs

                           Check out this short video
                  for an overview on caring for new chicks