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  If you were unable to attend our Poultry Seminar on Mar. 13th,
               you can view it on Facebook !

  Click the link below to watch the seminar.



Pioneer Feed is a huge supporter of the Youth in our community.  This presentation is targeted to those youth who are raising an animal for the Market Sale at the 2018 Clark County Fair.
Gain valuable insight into proper feeding for a Champion animal, tips on how to market your animal to prospective buyers and information about our Youth Discount program.

Free Pizza and beverages are provided, so PLEASE make sure you RSVP no later than Mar. 17th

        Equine Nutrition Seminar

     Dr. Richard Godbee, Equine Nutritionist at Farnam,
   spoke on how what you feed your horse affects their health.Use the link below to watch a video of the presentation.


                          Raising Sheep & Goats

      Learn the basics of caring for Sheep and Goats.
       Information on common diseases and treatments.
  These fun animals can be used for meat, milk or fiber.

     Click the link below to view the presentation.