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Each week we feature a HOT BUY on a single item.  This is a product that has a GREAT price for a limited time.
                    Quantity limits may apply.

Your Weekly HOT BUY

                       Diamond Lamb & Rice Dog Food 40 Lb.
                                 Just $31.99    Save $5

Diamond Lamb & Rice is a perfect maintenance formula for adult dogs.

     ~ Lamb protein and moderate levels of fat help support ideal body condition while providing the nutrients your dog needs to stay active.

     ~ Guaranteed levels of selenium and vitamin E ensure that your dog receives optimum antioxidant nutrition, while omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids from superfoods help maintain healthy skin and a shiny coat.

     ~ Also included are Probiotics for digestive health.

             Limit 2 Per household

        Price valid Feb 19th thru 25th




Taste of the Wild Dog Food Overview
Taste of the Wild produces nine different dry dog foods using high-quality grain-free ingredients.
This premium brand contains above-average protein content deriving from roasted meats and vegetable protein.
Food ingredients in Taste of the Wild offer exceptional quality at an above-average price point, and based on our research into independent reviews, nutritional analysis, and customer satisfaction ratings, we can recommend this brand without reservation.
Most of the ingredients found in Taste of the Wild dog foods are sourced in the United States. A few that aren’t available in large quantities domestically have been sourced from foreign suppliers — lamb from New Zealand, potato protein from Germany, chicory from Belgium.
Along with their premium dry dog foods, Taste of the Wild also manufactures five types of canned food.
Discussion of Most Important Ingredients
On average, Taste of the Wild dry dog food features 32% protein and 18% fat, which is more than the typical dry dog food. Protein sources from meat include beef, lamb, and salmon, as well as wild boar, duck, bison, and venison. Non-meat protein sources include peas, garbanzo beans, eggs, and brewers yeast. All of the adult-formula dog foods have similar protein levels, using different carb and protein sources for variety.  

 What Dogs Are Taste of the Wild Best Suited to?
– Two puppy formulas provide high-quality protein content for active, growing dogs. High Prairie Puppy® Formula with Roasted Bison & Roasted Venison or Pacific Stream Puppy® Formula with Smoked Salmon are designed for puppies.
– Not quite puppies, but not yet adults, adolescents will benefit from a higher protein content and extra nutrients. Try Wetlands Canine® Formula with Roasted Fowl.
Active, Healthy Adult Dogs
– Any of the adult formulas will be suitable for dogs from one to eight years old.
Pregnant or Lactating dogs
– Dogs who are pregnant or lactating should eat 15% to 25% more food than what they normally eat, with at least 29% protein. High Prairie Canine® Formula with Roasted Bison & Roasted Venison or Wetlands Canine® Formula with Roasted Fowl would both work well for pregnant or lactating dogs.
Dogs with Allergies
– All Taste of the Wild formulas are grain-free, with uncommon protein sources. They are a great choice for dogs with allergies. Try the Pine Forest® Canine Formula with Venison & Legumes or the Pacific Stream Canine® Formula with Smoked Salmon.
Fussy, Picky Eaters
– Taste of the Wild Foods work well for picky eaters. Consider High Prairie Canine® Formula with Roasted Bison & Roasted Venison.
Athletic and Working Dogs
– These dogs will benefit from a high-food for added energy. The Wetlands Canine® Formula with Roasted Fowl is a good choice.
Small Breeds
– One formula, the Appalachian Valley™ Small Breed Canine Formula with Venison & Garbanzo Beans, was created especially for small-breed dogs.
Large Breeds
– Six of the above formulas have been designed for large-breed, adult dogs.

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