Live Poultry

                                                                    List of breeds scheduled to arrive
                                                             All breeds subject to a successful hatch
                                                            Baby chicks are sexed to be pullets (girls)
                                                Straight Run (unsexed) birds are marked with a **                                                                                                           Vaccinated for Marek's Disease      


Mar 26   Ameracauna/Easter Egger
                Lavender Orpington
                Turken (Naked Neck)

Apr 2    Production Red
              Blue Laced Red Wyandotte
Indian Runner Ducks - Assorted Colors **

 Apr 9   Olive Egger
              Speckled Sussex
             Blue Copper Maran
Salmon Favorelle

Apr 15   Assorted Crested & Polish **
              Assorted Frizzle Bantam **
              Assorted Silkie Bantam **
              Blue Slate Turkey **
              Bourbon Red Turkey **
              Broad Breasted Bronze Turkey **

Apr 16   Rhode Island Red
              Blue Australorp
              Columbian Wyandotte
               Cream Legbar

Apr 23  Ameracauna/Easter Egger
              Black Langshan
              Production Blue

Apr 30  Olive Egger       
              Lavender Orpington
               Blue Laced Barnvelder
               Swedish Ducks **

May 6    Buckeye
               Buff Orpington
                Black Sex Link 

               Speckled Sussex

May 12  Broad Breasted Bronze Turkey ** 
               Blue Slate Turkey ** 
               Narragansett Turkey **  

               Assorted Crested & Polish **  
               Assorted Silkies **

May 13   White Leghorn  
                Russian Orloff 
                Magpie Duck **

May 20   Delaware 
                Assorted Wyandotte 
                Crele Penedesenca
                Cream Legbar

June 3   Broad Breasted Bronze Turkey **

June 4   Easter Egger 
               Olive Egger 
               Amber Sex Link 
               Assorted Brahma 
               Black Copper Maran


We have all of the supplies you will need to care for
 your flock, no matter how old they are! 

* Grit, Oyster Shell & Treats
* Waterers & Feeders
* A wide selection of Poultry Feeds
including Organic Feed
* Bedding & Nesting Boxes
                  * Chicken Wire (Poultry Netting)                  
  * Brooder Reflectors & Heat Lamp Bulbs

                Check out this short video
                  for an overview on caring for new chicks


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