Live Poultry

                                                                    List of breeds scheduled to arrive
                                                             All breeds subject to a successful hatch
                                                            Baby chicks are sexed to be pullets (girls)
                                                Straight Run (unsexed) birds are marked with a **                                                                                                   Chicks are Vaccinated for Marek's Disease      

                                                     Fall Chicks begin Sept 8, 2021

Sept 8     Assorted Silkies ** 
                 Assorted d'Uccle **

Sept 9     Easter Egger
                  Lavender Orpington
                  Blue Plymouth Tint
                  Khaki Campbell Duck **

Sept 16     Blue Australorp
                  Turken (Naked Neck)
                   Magpie Duck **

We have all of the supplies you will need to care for
 your flock, no matter how old they are! 

* Grit, Oyster Shell & Treats
* Waterers & Feeders
* A wide selection of Poultry Feeds
including Organic Feed
* Bedding & Nesting Boxes
                  * Chicken Wire (Poultry Netting)                  
  * Brooder Reflectors & Heat Lamp Bulbs

                Check out this short video
                  for an overview on caring for new chicks


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