Live Poultry

All birds are sexed to be pullets (girls) unless noted otherwise. 
   Breeds that are Straight Run (not sexed) are marked with **
            Hatchery guarantees 90% accuracy on sexing. 
            All chicks vaccinated against Marek's disease. 
            Ducks, turkeys and broilers are not vaccinated.

                                                                                     2020 Chick Schedule

   If you don't see the breeds you are looking for we can special order many different breeds.  Minimum order per breed/sex is 5 birds.     $2 special order fee per breed/sex.  Due to extreme demand, special orders could take as long as 2 months to arrive.

     All breeds are dependent on a successful hatch with no shipping problems.   Please call to confirm that the chicks have arrived on their scheduled date. 

  Slow White Broilers (meat birds) are special order this year.

Due to extremely high demand for poultry we have begun a “Take a Number “ system. 

Numbers are available beginning at 8:30 on the day birds are scheduled to arrive. 


We do not hold, reserve or allow prepaying for birds  First come first served.

Please select your breeds before your number is called.  Have a second choice in mind in case your first choice is sold out.                                                                                                                                            

May 29          Assorted Wyandotte


                       Cream Legbar


June 4           Broad Breasted Bronze Turkey  **

                        Broad Breasted White Turkey  **

June 5           Assorted Brahma

                       Olive Egger

                       Black Maran Sex Link

                       Amber Sex Link

June 19        Ameracauna

                      New Hampshire Red

                      Speckled Sussex

                      Production Blue

                      Magpie Duck  **

                      Fawn & White Indian Runner Duck  **

June 26        Gold Sex Link

                      Partridge Rock


We have all of the supplies you will need to care for
 your flock, no matter how old they are! 

* Grit, Oyster Shell & Treats
* Waterers & Feeders
* A wide selection of Poultry Feeds
including Organic Feed
* Bedding & Nesting Boxes
                  * Chicken Wire (Poultry Netting)                  
  * Brooder Reflectors & Heat Lamp Bulbs

                           Check out this short video
                  for an overview on caring for new chicks


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