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Loyall Pet Food


                Loyall and LoyallLife Dog Food
                                       $5 off/bag

LoyallLife Pet Food


Loyall and LoyallLife Pet foods are made using a patented Opti-Cook process that improves consistency and ease of starch digestion.  This pet food is available in 14 different formulas including traditional, grain free, and No Corn, No Wheat, No Soy formulas.

Click HERE for information about each formula.

Need help selecting the right product for your pet?

Click the Frequently Asked Questions link to guide you through this process.

Want to Save even MORE ??  Save 10 Proof of Purchase Circles (not UPC barcode) off the bag and bring them in for a FREE BAG!


   Limit 3 Per household

  Price valid thru Dec 16th



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